February Flurries!

Published on 2/8/2021

Top of the month to you, friends! It has been a chilly month so far, as expected. So, in this chilly "month for lover's", how will you spend it this year? You know, Valentine's day? "Dinner and a movie", that is always a winner for this occasion but not this year. Would it be safe to even go to a restaurant? Hmmm, I do not know. How are you supposed to look cute in this weather, either? If you go to a high-end restaurant, you cannot get too dressy. You must wear a hat, snow boots, a face mask, etc. The snow flurries will make your hair all frizzy before you know it, so the hat is essential. The make-up will get all messed up and your hair will be all ruffled from the winter hat! There will have to be a quick visit to the bathroom to get yourself together. Well, in our old perfect world; on this special occasion, I would have been going to Olive Garden and then seeing that new Denzel Washington movie! He is always the best option to watch on Valentine's day! In real life, I will be cooking dinner, as usual and watching a Netflix movie, probably. So fun!  I always tell myself, "It could always be worse". 


In honor of this special occasion, we will be giving out a sweet treat to a lucky renter. On Saturday February 13th we will be announcing the winner!


 Thank you so much for reading my silly blog today and we hope you have a marvelous month of February!


Joyce Preston- Office Manger @ Gibbs Street Self Storage.