Happy February

Published on 2/15/2022
Happy February, Friends! We all know this month is a lovey kind of month. Did you know it is also a "purge" month? The day after Valentine's day is an opposite kind of day. It is called; Singles Awareness Day". The acronym for this day is S.A.D. I think this day is an interesting day, because per the radio station I listen to, they said that people tend to purge all of their unwanted items! Interesting, right? So, on this very special day, why don't we purge all the unwanted items in your closet and come visit me, at Gibbs Street Self Storage!!! Put that junk in your storage or get a new one! It is almost like Spring Cleaning! It is a per "Spring cleaning festival"! Such a funny blog, yes? Tell me how I am doing, friends! You can always email me at, jpreston@gibbsstreetselfstorage.com BTW, Happy New Year! 

Have a great winter day and thank you for reading my blog today! 

Joyce Preston

Office Manager @ GSSS