Published on 3/9/2022
Good morning sweet people of Rochester! Thank you for making this gloomy city, warm and welcoming! Rochester has lots of events happening this month! The infamous 6X6 art exhibit is almost ready to open. Entries are still being accepted @ Organization: Rochester Contemporary Art Center. The St. Patrick's day parade is this weekend! So fun! On the out and about website, there are many St. Patrick day events, some are even free. 'Painting with a Twist', has a cute event coming up that includes cupcakes!!!  All these things are going on around us here at Gibbs Street Self Storage! So, get out and enjoy yourself this weekend! Women's day just passed. Let's celebrate our phenomenal-ness, shall we! Thank you for reading my blog today and I hope it inspires people to venture out! Come visit me! I am always here! 

Joyce Preston Office manager @ GSSS