September to Remember

Published on 9/1/2021
It is a great day at Gibbs Street Self Storage. We just want to thank all the returning students for their patronage. It has been a nice hot summer and the cycle is beginning all over again; with caution. We are not out of the woods yet. This shot being mandated is essential to getting life back in order. I hope we can finally get through this and really enjoy life as it was before. So, sweet people of Rochester, may this day be the best day since yesterday.  Thank you for reading my blog today and we will see you again next month.

Back to school Raffle
Please enter your storage# in the black mailbox inside the building for a chance to win a back to school gift card!!!
From your friends at Gibbs Street Self Storage!
Have a great month of August and don’t forget to read our little monthly blog on our website!
Thank you for your business
Joyce Preston- Office Manager
Raffle Result will be available on October 1st , 2021

Joyce Preston
Office Manager @ GSSS