Published on 7/7/2020
It's a great day at Gibbs Street Self Storage and we are so glad you stopped by. Here at Gibbs Street we have big deals happening. With full payment up front; we have 2 months of free rent to people signing up for a year.  We also have one month of free rent for a six month commitment paid at the time of signing. Thank you renters for your patronage and loyalty. 

GSSS has had a few busy months with the U-Haul rentals and services. We are proud to offer free trucks to the incoming customers of GSSS that need that service. The only stipulation would be refilling the gas to where-ever it was previously and the charge for the miles used. Please be aware that the discounts of any sort cannot be combined. 

Well, I hope this month is great for everybody. When you think it is too hot; just remember that we may have to be shoveling in a few short months. 

Thank you for reading my blog today. 

Joyce Preston 
Office Manager @ Gibbs Street Self Storage