Published on 1/21/2020
Good Morning Fellow Rochesterians and should I mention; HAPPY NEW YEAR? What a great day here in our little corner of the inner city! The weather has been our usual roller coaster and shall I say; welcome snow? I was missing that good ole snow for a second until the temperature reminded me of what winter is REALLY about. Regardless of anything; I am just glad to be able to write about it today. Can I see some snowmen, though? I did see one at the Gregory Street Park over in the South Wedge. New year, new month, and a new beginning, yes? So, this new year has brought me a new challenge to only drink one cup of coffee a day. How are your resolutions going? Let me know by emailing me @ jpreston@gibbsstreetselfstorage. com

Otherwise; have a great month of January! Happy birthday to all the January babies and thank you for reading my post today! 

Thank you awesome renters @ Gibbs St. Self Storage for keeping our location nice and tidy! 

Joyce Preston
Office Manager @ GSSS