Published on 12/26/2019
Good Morning and Happy Holidays Great people of Rochester! 

This season has not been too bad; weather wise. All the beautiful trees around Rochester and across the highways have looked beautiful like a postcard. The streets have had a shimmer of  light frost dusting but no real extreme snowfalls; making this an awesome season so far!! Would you agree? 

Oh, the last month of the year! What is in store for this fabulous 2020, monumental beginning of a whole new decade? We are about to enter into this momentous time that lovers will all want their wedding dates to be 1/1/2020 or 2/2/2020. OR maybe 6/20/2020 or 4/20/2020. Interesting. So fun. 

But first; we have to get through Christmas and all that jazz. I am excited to see my grand baby open gifts; now that she is 3 years old. She is very familiar in the whole process. The innocent, precious expressions little ones have when they open gifts are priceless. The bigger kids expect the world on this day; but only ask for money and are truly underwhelmed when that is exactly what they get. My son really has everything he could ever want; so it will be really hard to shop for him. 

And the food!!! I am so excited to cook some awesome meals this holiday season. Oh, speaking of food; I made Lamb for Thanksgiving! The in-laws came over for the first time in the 21 years I have been together with my hubby. Isn't that interesting? It was well worth the wait because I finally mastered the Spanish rice..... This Christmas my hope is to make some fancy food and have grateful, helpful kids around me. I hope that your Christmas is awesome and life treats everyone good! 

Until next year, sweet people reading this blog! Thank you for your continuous support and thank you for renting with us! We appreciate your business! 

Joyce Preston-Office Manager @ Gibbs St. Self Storage