Published on 12/26/2019
It's a great day at Gibbs Street Self Storage! 
Thank you all patrons for being with us as we enter this season of Thankfulness. We appreciate all of the open hearts that have participated in the can drive for this upcoming holiday. All donations will go straight to the House of Mercy and food pantry at 2 Saints Catholic Church on 17 S Fitzhugh St, Rochester, NY 14614. This winter seems like it will be a cold one, so let's not forget that donating hats and gloves are also welcomed. 

This Thanksgiving, Thursday November 28th 2019 will be a very special day in my family. It marks the one year anniversary of our grandmother passing. She was a great lady and lived to see 94 years on this earth. As a tribute to her; we are making the special meals she would have made. One in particular that I can remember will be a dessert lemon bread. Anywhoo, no need to be sad on this day of thankfulness. We are grateful to have had her in our lives. 

Speaking of this awesome holiday; I just wanted to let everyone know that our can drive went pretty well. I was able to bring a nice sized bag to the 2 Saints Catholic church on Broad St. I believe that this new Gibbs St. tradition will inspire more people to be aware and open their hearts a little more to giving. The year 2020 is a chance for new beginnings and more opportunity to do great things and better ourselves! Have a great day sweet people and I thank you so much for reading this blog. 

Joyce Preston- Office Manager @ Gibbs St.