Published on 10/2/2019
Happy October Great Rochestarians! Thank you for reading my blog today! I hope that wherever you are at this moment; you are safe, happy and not hungry! 

October, time for the spooky Goblins to grace us with their presence. Here at the Gibbs Street Self Storage; we ain't afraid of no ghosts! Let's make it the safest and smoothest holiday as we prepare to face the scary weather ahead! Rochester weather is scarier than the ghosts and goblins! The expected roller coaster weather is upon us; so let's make sure we have our sunglasses, umbrella, gloves, ice scraper and sweaters on hand for whatever weather may come our way. Time to give our cars a check over and make sure the tires are good enough for that ice! A good maintenance check before the snow always makes the transition a little less nerve wracking. With this transition comes the beauty of the leaves changing colors! Nature sure is beautiful and our city accentuates that beauty. College Town, Lake Shore Blvd, around the downtown Rochester's bridges and all the outer areas have the best fall foliage I have ever seen. Maybe, I am being bias but I think we have a really nice city. Next year or in the near future, things will look even better after all this construction is over. All around the city and in the surrounding suburbs; there are community activities for this time of year. People come out and you are reminded that we are not only people. We are neighbors, friends, human beings, Americans. Time is short and we really should take this time out to appreciate each other. So, I hope you enjoy this month and thank you awesome Gibbs Street tenants for your business and kindness! 

Please note: Next month we will have a box for donations to the local food bank at the 2 Saints Catholic Church. You are more than welcomed to drop in hats and gloves as well. The drive will begin on the first of November and all items will be sent to the locations on November 25th, 2019. 

Joyce Preston
Office Manager @ Gibbs St. Self Storage