Published on 9/6/2019

What a lovely month of November, in our great city of Rochester NY! This is a great time for family gatherings, awesome cooking and paying things forward. As I have mentioned in the past; there are so many people in need these days. Let's make our memories matter this Thanksgiving season.Volunteering your time has never been easier. We have some great organizations in Rochester that would warmly welcome helpers. Visiting senior citizens always makes me feel better. Our time can sometimes make a world of difference to a person. Selflessness is a rewarding attribute to have. So, if you are not busy one day this month, or have spare change from your coffee; why not pay it forward, or spend time with a person that needs a little companionship. It really doesn't cost a thing to be a little nicer, or to look through things you don't need. 
There are also so many things we can do to help our community. Speaking of giving, we have a special place in Rochester NY to pay it forward this month.
Julian's Dry Cleaner locations are currently accepting gently used coats for their coat drive! So awesome! This coat drive will be going on until November 12th, 2018.
Thank you, Julian's Dry Cleaners for being such great stewards in this harsh world. 
November, my favorite month, my favorite holiday month; it makes me want to give away all I have to people that could use it all!!!
 Let's make it the best it can be, yes? 
YES! YES! Have an amazing November and like always; thank you great customers of Gibbs Street Self Storage! 
Your business and respect for our establishment is truly  appreciated! 
Joyce Preston-Office Manager @ GSSS

Thank you for reading this blog and I hope you have a marvelous day!