Published on 9/6/2019

Happy September and a warm welcome back, to the college students that had the opportunity to escape the ultimate stresses of college life; for a while. Please know that we appreciate your business and hope your summer was the best 94 to 106 days ever!!! 

Joyce has been a busy lady these days! U-Hauls, storage rentals, payables, PODS, sweeping, life, kids, cooking, etc. To top it all off; my new adventure that I have been working on for some time, has taken flight! 

Not sure if I mentioned that I wrote a few children's books. One got published, one was for my little, precious grand baby and one is still in the illustration phase but the writing is completed. These fine days; I have been blessed to be included in a writers and illustrators workshop through RACWI. That stands for Rochester Area Children's Writers & Illustrators. I went to their first meeting yesterday and met so many awesome, talented professionals! 

It was such a joy to have the opportunity to present my little self-published book to these amazing people. All I can say is that they welcomed me and were so delightful. What a great feeling to belong and have a passion for something. This experience has definitely taught me to strive toward what makes me happy. I might just end up making some money out of  being an actual writer. Like every entrepreneurs' goal however it takes money to make money. If it's meant to be it will be! Everyone will soon know my books and buy them and my prayers will be answered. 
Anywhoo, that is what's exciting in my life; how about yours? If you have some great news you'd like me to post, please feel free to give me a shout or email it! It is always awesome to hear from you! 
Summer is quickly coming to an end and we will need to get all our fall sweaters out! Please remember that in this time in life nothing is guaranteed. Let's make it the best time we can. 
Thank you for reading this blog today and have a wonderful month of September! 
Joyce Preston- Office Manager