Published on 7/27/2019

It's a great day @ Gibbs Street Self Storage. Happy late July! It has been a scorching month to say the least! Summer is awesome! It really beats mid December when we have snow up to our knees and our best friend is an ice scraper and rock salt. This July has been such an amazing month in my household! My kids had an opportunity to go to Darien Lake twice! How blessed are they? Darien Lake is less than an hour away; fabulous!  If you haven't gone this summer, you really should if you are able. The lazer light show was memorable! Definitely,  worth waiting for at the end of the night. By the end of the light show extravaganza you want to hug everybody next to you and have the whole" Proud to be an American" feeling all the way home. It's such a great time! 
Rochester is really a nice place, overall. We have awesome water parks and Seabreeze. You can't forget Seabreeze! In town! When I was little, my grandmother took me to Coney Island on the train and I thought I was never going to get there. I don't remember much about my childhood but that train ride; I do remember! My thought was that every adventurous, amusement park had to be hours away. I also remember going to a place called Orchard Beach. That was interesting. Thank God nobody wanted to steal me, because I was lost within the first 5 minutes of being there and stayed in a mini jail called "lost & found" for hours. Well, those were the good ole days and I am so thankful that my kids never had to go through those trials and tribulations. The summer is not over and I just pray for God to protect my kids and every ones kids as they enjoy this great weather. 
And thank you guys; great renters at Gibbs Street Self storage for your business! Thank you for reading my blog and I shall be back next month to do it all over again! 
Have a great rest of July! 
Joyce Preston
Office Manager @ Gibbs Street Self Storage