Published on 12/28/2018
End of December means; New Goals for the new year! 
This new year; I would like to do so many things differently. Pay bills on time, give more, love more, be more understanding. Understanding because I have a teenage daughter. 
\If anyone reading this has teenagers, you feel my frustration. The kids don't realize that you were their age once, yes?
 Kids are definitely exhausting. A blessing, yes but exhausting. So many phases in their life that just exhaust you. 
My whole life has revolved around my kids since I was 17 years old. All I know is when I turn 51, which is in 8 years; I have great big plans! My kids will officially be grown, I (God willing) will have a good bank account and be able to live free. Free like a hippie from the sixties, riding a bicycle to my job and recycling everything I see. If it were up to me, I would not own a car at all. This time in my life will (God willing) allow me to finally go on a nice vacation. It would be great to not have anyone depending on me. It's really the only thing I am looking forward to. That big day! 
Anyway, back to reality! The new year should bring new blessings, new adventures that life brings. Some years there are New Year resolutions, people looking forward to doing their income taxes, new business ventures. This world is harsh. 
This year, let's promise to just be nicer. 

Of course, I just want to take this platform to remind our renters that we value your business and appreciate you keeping our establishment tidy. 

May the new year bring you everything you want. 

Thank you for reading this blog and I hope you have a marvelous day!
Joyce Preston-Office Manager @ GSSS