Published on 1/7/2019

What a lovely day at Gibbs Street Self-Storage! We hope you are finding yourself in a better place than a year ago today! Although we can't control what goes on in the world; we can certainly do our part to make it a little better. These tumultuous times in America have people in disarray! I believe that in this great US of A we have opportunities that many people don't. It's called options! Yes? We are a skilled generation that are versatile in times of hardships. There are so many different skills drilled into us at younger ages that people didn't have before. Skills as simple as being able to read and write, clean and cook! Some people know different languages. This is the time to put our skills to work and stay a-float at any cost. Nobody is going to take care of us. It is our nature to "hustle" when times get hard. I too have done my share of having more than one job at a time, just to pay the bills of the month. It is part of adulthood. It is part of maturity and knowing your priorities. In a perfect world; I believe we would be self sufficient in growing our own vegetables, using alternative power sources and making useful products out of all the hard work we do recycling. My daughter told me that it takes more gas to produce water bottles than filling up 50 vehicles. Fact? I don't know, but I believe her. That is just one alarming piece of information that proves the  theory on the bottle neck time in the world that is coming. 
Let's remember the important things in our life; do our best with what we have. Find our own alternatives to survive and carry on. 
Well as always, thank you for reading this blog and let's be nicer and more open to change this year. It appears that it may be more turbulent than we thought. 
To our great tenants at Gibbs Street Self-storage; Thank you for your kindness! 
Your business and respect for our establishment is truly  appreciated! May your day be worry free and full of smiles today! 
Joyce Preston- Office Manager @ GSSS