Published on 1/31/2019
Good day, fellow Rochesterians!

 Happy February and height of winter!!! Hope everyone is enjoying this winter extravaganza brought on by our lovely month of January's freeze blast.

Here is a question for you. Who out there in their right mind wears knee high, high heel boots? There is something to be said about regular high heels. They make any lady that is capable of wearing them; feel sexy. They make me feel taller, for sure and a little self aware of my femininity. Empowering, almost. Knee high, high heel boots however are another story. You have to be going somewhere fancy or work in a high end place to pull those off. 

I was online and saw this great advertisement about these boots. These boots are just not feasible in our type of weather. They are so hard to put on and take off. Imagine walking through this weather in these type of boots. It doesn't make any sense, agreed? Do you wear skinny jeans with them? Do you track up your floor, flip over your couch, fall to your knees and end up on the floor; trying to take these things off? I'd say, probably. Imagine not wearing pants but wearing a skirt with these specific boots. Do they keep slipping down your leg? Just imagine walking into your office and only one knee is showing. How awkward. 

I'm just saying; not a feasible pair of boots in any weather, really. I was just thinking about that. It tickled me just making this blog. 

How about ankle boots. I bought a pair once from the Nine West Outlet in Waterloo. Those boots were my favorite and comfortable. I wore them until the heel broke off. It was a sad day. I felt fierce in those little boots, though. It is my goal to get another pair like that. So, I ask you ladies; knee high, high heel boots or ankle high heel boots? Also, what's up with the peeky toe boot? Let me know your thoughts. 585-441-9728

I ask this question because this is the sexy month. This month we get to be pampered and get shown the affection we deserve by our significant others. Hopefully, the weather doesn't hinder the plans and all of us ladies get to go out and splurge a little. I am excited to see what my beau has in mind for this ever awaited holiday. I will probably end up with some Jordans... 

Thank you so much for reading my blog today, and remember that the world wouldn't be as good; if you weren't here. God bless you all and have a great month of February. 

    To our great tenants at Gibbs Street Self-storage; Thank you for your kindness! 
Your business and respect for our establishment is truly  appreciated! May your day be worry free and full of smiles today!