Published on 3/2/2019

Happy March; from your friends at Gibbs Street Self-Storage! 

This month is all about the great holiday of St. Patrick's day! This date marks the death of Saint Patrick, the patron Saint of Ireland. This year the St. Patty's day parade will land on Saturday March 16th, 2019! This years parade goes from Alexander Street to East Main Street.  Let's bundle up and get ready for this festive day! It really is a fun time to see all the wonderful floats go by! This year's honorees are:

 Grand Marshal - The Rochester Police Department

Honorary Grand Marshal - Eamon O'Cuiv

Citizen of the Year - Mark Dowdell

Community Leader - Dermot Loughran

Business Leader - "Soccer Sam" Fantauzzo

Community Organization - Daystar Kids

In Memorium - "Mert" Davenport
Jack Nolan

My children love this holiday! We celebrate for different reasons! This month is pretty special! My father's birthday lands right on that day. May he rest in peace! We celebrate his life! He was a great man. My father gained custody of me when I was 9 years old took me out of the Bronx and I have been in Rochester ever since. Native to Puerto Rico; my dad was a percussionist . He played the congas and had a whole band in his hay day!  As a professional percussionist; he introduced me to some great people like Eddie Palmieri. The spanish salsa world thought of him as an icon. 
My second cousin (like an uncle) is Jimmy Delgado. He is still an awesome percussionist to this day and I am so proud to call him family. You can certainly google his name and you will see his infamous album cover where he has a pink shirt on. It was real bold of him to wear a pink shirt on his album. I think he may have started that trend. God bless this talented family!

Another reason why my family celebrates this holiday is to honor my husbands grandfather; born on March 17th! This Preston was a slick cat from Mamaroneck, New York! May he also rest in peace. He is honored in our family, on this special day because there is no other person I'd rather honor! I don't know much about Saint Patrick but this day is a very special day either way, so let's celebrate!!

Such a great month! Let's make it a happy, new day and love one another like family! 

Thank you so much for reading my blog today, and remember that the world wouldn't be as good; if you weren't here. God bless you all and have a great month of March!

To our great tenants at Gibbs Street Self-storage; Thank you for your kindness! 

Your business and respect for our establishment is truly  appreciated! 
Joyce Preston