Published on 4/3/2019
What a great month of April! I see a break in the weather coming! We certainly are a blessed city! No real floods, no tornadoes, not too much snow; we are just a blessed city! 
April brings bright mornings and jolly kids, Easter and brand new beginnings!

 It really has not been a bad start to our spring cleaning season! Speaking of spring cleaning; I wonder if anyone has started this eventful task. In my case; I have begun little things like cleaning in the cabinets and purging my basement a little. Nothing really earth moving, yet! The plans are in the works to get this done! While we prepare to make this exciting transition; let's remember that our junk can certainly be someone else's treasure.

 The Goodwill on S. Clinton Ave. has a little program that comes with a punch card. Every time you donate something; you get a stamp on the card. After 10 donations "no matter how big or how small", you get a discount for purchases! There is also a Rewards program! You will earn 1 reward point for every $4 you spend before taxes! After earning 50 points, you can take five whole dollars off of your purchase on the next visit! Isn't that awesome? This establishment is great in so many different ways! After visiting their website; I was blown away at all they do! Can you believe they even have a catering service? They have a community room for meetings. So great! They help people in so many ways! It is pretty amazing! 

There really is no limit to helping people! It really is up to you to put yourself in other peoples shoes sometimes and realize that we are all in this together. In this great time of change; I urge you to consider giving back to your community with just a little love in your heart, a little gesture of kindness or a donation to an organization like the Goodwill! 
Our spring cleaning can be a blessing to someone else! Thank you so much for your open minds today and reading my blog! May you have a fantastic month of April and a great feeling in your soul. 

To our fabulous renters at Gibbs Street Self Storage; thank you for your business and keeping our facility tidy! We appreciate you and we will see you again real soon! 

Joyce Preston
Office Manager at Gibbs Street self-Storage!