Published on 5/4/2019

Happy Month of May Fellow Rochesterians!!!! 

It has certainly been a wet, chilly start to this amazing month! Oh my, the things we can say about this Month!!!! All the College young adults are getting out of school for the summer!!!
 Congrats guys for making it this far!!!!! We, here at Gibbs Street Self Storage welcome you ALL back to our humble establishment! We are ready to keep your items safe and sound as you enjoy your summer vacation; somewhere else! HAHA.... Although Rochester is fabulous and full of awesome activities & weather in our short-lived season; we understand if you want to go back home somewhere other than "good ole" Rochester. 
Please make sure that you recognize the people that helped you get to where you are; at this very moment! If it was your mom; you have the chance to celebrate her and show her your appreciation this Month.... On Mother's Day!!! This day could not come at a better time! Us moms seem to do the most on this month! Spring cleaning is one thing we do, not only for our house, but for you guys! YES!! We purge all un-necessary things to keep everything organized for you! We also cook, clean, pay bills, worry, counsel you, love you, hug you, support your wildest ideas, pray for you, etc. all in the month of May..... It is true! I will stand by my words. We do all that in this month... Let's take a second out of the day and thank those people that make it all happen or at least support and make sacrifices to get you where you are or are going, yes? It would be awesome for me to get blessed with flowers, or a card with a scratch off in it.. Personally, I would be happy with a hug and kiss along with a little, "thanks Mom for everything; you are pretty swell". I would be ecstatic though, for the things previously mentioned; scratch offs & flowers.

On this beautiful month of May; festivals appear in our local magazines and all kind of charities pop up. This year the wonderful Lilac festival is around the corner. This festival will begin on May 10th, 2019. This awesome festival lasts until the 19th of May. This last day of the festival kicks off the official start of the summer fun!! With this great festival ending; comes the charity run. This year's 5k and 10k runs will be for this place! Nobody deserves to go through violence of any sort.  Willow Domestic Violence Center Blessings to the survivors and we applaud you participants that are running for this cause. With that being said; let's remember that this month is the best month of the year to give back, celebrate life and keep the theme of being a little nicer in 2019. Thank you so much for reading my blog today and have a wonderful day. 

Joyce Preston 

Office Manager @ Gibbs Street Self-Storage

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