Published on 6/12/2019

Good Morning and happy happy June; great people of Rochester, New York! What a great time to be alive! I just wanted to take this time, to thank all the great U-Haul customers that have graced me with their business and great reviews on-line! Thank you, Thank you! Your happiness in renting is what we are here for! I appreciate all the awesome comments. 

This new "U-Haul" adventure has had me running around in my 2" heels! Love it! This job has blessed me in more ways than I could have ever prayed for! To top it all off; I get to do a fun blog and write about anything I want! Isn't that an awesome plus? So, a special thank you to Dan Keefe! You were an awesome customer to deal with. It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you Barbara C., Thomas K., Brendan G. and Jeff C. for your 'genial' comments! I had to look that word up and it is a pretty nice word Mr. K.; so thank you for that. I can't forget my friend Jerome Anderson that blessed us with a $6 tip! Hey now! That was truly unexpected! Thank you, Sir. 
 Of course, we are so proud of our younger renters; as they have left me in charge of all their college junk until September. I hope they are truly enjoying this short vacation. College is tough and definitely has it's "maybe" days. Kudos to all you guys! Real life is hard enough; why not enjoy, enjoy; while you can. 
My oldest went through this time and we didn't have a place to take her stuff. Every summer the family would lug all her stuff back to Rochester from Buffalo. That is not too much of a hike, but it was still a pain. She is all graduated now, has a great job and blessed me with a little grand daughter. The precious new arrival will be 3 already. How time flies! Now onto the next victim.. My princess middle child is going to be making a great big move soon. August of 2020 and it is a nail biter of which college she will choose. Although, we cannot do the FASFA or the college applications until October of this year; we have visited many. She has an idea of her first, second and third choices!!! She has about three 3rd choices..... Anywhoo, whatever she decides; will definitely be her decision, not mine. I have to keep reminding myself that our kids grow up and have their own minds. They have their own ideas about things. Maybe, my oldest let me take control up until she was fully on her own; but I feel like the times are changing. The resistance of some kids can be so strong and harsh; you wonder if you'll ever have an opinion on anything! With every child I learn a little more about life. They know everything at 16; not sure if you guys knew this.... But I learn from the mistakes and try not to cry too much. The point is, they all grow up eventually and I guess we just have to trust that what we have taught them will be enough to face this world. Yes? I only have one more to go and the time is flying faster than ever! To make matters even more of a learning experience; it's a boy. In this technical age! I'm in for it now! 
Let's not forget our father's on this sun submerged month! Happy Father's Day, Dads and Grandpas! You are much appreciated! 
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog! Thank you awesome renters of Gibbs Street for keeping this place so inviting and I can't wait to blog on next month. 
Joyce Preston
Office Manager @ Gibbs Street Self-Storage
1st month down for U-Haul Services!!!!