Happy Holidays

Published on 12/3/2020
Happy holidays to all our renters at Gibbs Street Self Storage. 

This year has been pretty trying but we finally made it to December! It is time to say good-bye to 2020 and hello to a brand new beginning. There really wasn't much we had control over or will have for the year 2021. Hopefully, we have learned from the past and will make 2021 fantastic. Before we go though, we have to really get through these upcoming holidays. In this iconic year of world record "firsts", this holiday season will definitely put us into uncharted waters. Thanksgiving was one thing but Christmas? Everything we are so used to doing for the holidays will have to be majorly adjusted. Some traditions will have to be broken this year and those are the events that we look forward to the most. Large gathering; forget about it. Family from out of town; forget about it. Zoom  has become our saving grace for seeing our loved ones and probably will be most used on this holiday season. Well, just remember that "this too shall pass", yes? We will be able to enjoy all our great traditions again sooner or later, in person!  Until 2021, take care and God Bless You All. 

Joyce Preston
Office Manager @ GSSS

By the way; Thank you to all our great renters for participating in the food drive last month. We had twice as many donations and we even got to donate a little cash. 
So, way to go friends. Thank you on behalf of The House of Mercy. They are truly appreciative.