Thanks to the People

Published on 11/4/2020
It's a great day at Gibbs Street Self Storage. We take pride in our facility and appreciate our great renters. This is the place to store your summertime items like; boat cushions and patio furniture. The quality of your belongings deserve to be stored in this climate controlled environment, where they are safe and sound. The time has come to do that semi-annual overhaul of the home and prepare for the next season. Thanksgiving, as you all know is, my absolute favorite holiday of the whole year! I have been getting little items to extenuate my house for this special time. Speaking of Thanksgiving, please don't forget our annual food drive for the House of Mercy and or the Two Saints Church on Broad St's food pantry. Your donation goes a long way and the people you help are appreciative. 
Thank you for reading my blog today and have a great month of November! 

Joyce Preston Office Manager @ GSSS