Spooky October

Published on 10/21/2020
How are we doing this month, friends? Here at Gibbs Street Self Storage, we are just grateful to be here. In this spooky time in life; we just want you to know that we appreciate your business. Since it's October, I wonder what  Halloween will possibly look like this year? Hmmm, maybe we can give out hand sanitizer six feet away from the house. Maybe we can fling scary decorated masks out of the windows. The kids have to catch them, though. You snooze you lose. Just kidding. Hopefully, all will go well and the kids will be able to enjoy being outside and dressing up, at least. No matter what we do this Halloween, we wish you safe travels and we'll check in next month. Thank you for reading my blog and have a great day! 

By The way: I recently had a review that stated the seat to one of the u-hauls had pet hair on it.......... 
 Just for the record; I disinfect the truck with disinfectant spray on the steering wheel and all the handles. So, thank you for reading this and please know that our main priority here is to keep people and ourselves healthy. Thank you. 

Joyce Preston Office Manager@ GSSS