September Blue

Published on 9/11/2020
Hello and happy month of September! We are hoping that when you read this blog today, you are feeling fantastic! Slowly but surely, life is getting back to normal. Do you know how I can tell? Our city has some great things going on this month! The annual Rochester Cocktail Revival is happening. The last day to catch one of these magical events, is Sunday September 13th, 2020. The garage sale days at the public market, are back on, on Sundays! Football is back on the t.v! Kids are back to school. Great Stuff! Of course, with a few changes, but we are getting there. So let's be kind to each other and just make the best of it. 

There was a lucky winner for the raffle from last month! Unit 79 took home the awesome gift bag of school supplies! 
Thank you for your participation and we are so glad for the entries that we received. 

Well, Thank you so much for reading my blog today and I hope that all you guys have a great month of September!!! 

Joyce Preston- Office Manager @ GSSS