While at home

Published on 4/1/2020
Happy April, Friends! 
Wow, what a turn of events since the last time we connected. May I just say; thank you for reading my blog today. Since my family has been home there has been lots of cooking going on. We have made things from scratch! So many recipes; oh my. Let's see so far we have made vanilla cake, bread, cinnamon rolls, apple pie, Coq Au Vin! Yes, I made that.  It is a French chicken meal with red wine! The kids loved it! More dinners made were Chicken French, Chicken Curry with dumplings and Beef Wellington, chicken Marsala, etc. The last thing I did was an exclusive, Eggs Benedict! Nobody cared for that one much but we can scratch it off the list now, at least.. My kids are excited to make unique pizzas from scratch. I really would like to make a calzone or some Spanish pastries! Just things from scratch, you know! The sky is the limit. What about spring rolls and sushi!!! Oh, yeah. I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy this time while there is not much else to do. When all this is over I will probably be 50 pounds heavier.
 Please remember that the storage is indeed open to you! If you are purging your house, you know where to take your stuff. I am sanitizing everyday to ensure all of our safety and there has been a sanitizing dispenser installed near the front door. Until next month; take care, friends. God bless.