Time to purge

Published on 5/3/2021

Resources to Help Seniors Downsize With Ease


A great big home is perfect for a large family. But once your children are all grown up and out on their own, your home may be too big for your needs, which makes downsizing an appealing option. We’ve gathered the following resources to help you learn more about the process.


Figuring Out What’s Next


There are several questions you should ask yourself before downsizing:


     Do you need to downsize?

     If so, how much room do you actually need?

     Are you familiar with the Rochester real estate market?

     Are you interested in a retirement community?


Sorting Out the Financials 


Money matters, especially on a fixed income:


     Take a look at your monthly budget and make sure your expenses aren’t greater than your income.

     If you plan to buy a new property, use a mortgage calculator to get a sense for what you can afford.

     Turn to a trustworthy real estate agent for buying and selling, so you can be sure you get the best deals possible.


Downsizing, Packing, and Making Your Move


Consider the logistics of your move early so you have time to plan.


     You can start downsizing excess stuff as soon as you know how much space you’ll have.

     If you have valuables you don’t have room for, rent a storage unit at Gibbs Street Self Storage.

     Get packing at least a month before your move, starting with decor and ending with the kitchen and bathroom.

     Make a plan for moving day to ensure things go as smoothly as possible.


Remember that your ultimate goal is to find a home for retirement that suits your lifestyle and budget without bogging you down with a ton of unused space. Focus on keeping things simple, and you’ll find the perfect home for your golden years!


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