April Showers

Published on 4/9/2021
It is a great day here at GSSS! We just want to welcome all of our new renters. We hope you feel safe and at home at our facility.

 As the seasons change and the restrictions loosen; more movement is possible. Time to change up the house and store all the winter stuff. Let us help with our exclusive inventory of U-Haul trucks. Don't forget that the prices starts at only $19.99 and .59 cents per mile. 
Also, our renters have the opportunity to use any of our equipment as long as it is available, for free. It's a GSSS, perk. 
As you all know, we always appreciate your feedback and smiling faces! 
Please let us know how we can improve.  Feel free to email: jpreston@GibbsStreetSelfStorage.com

Raffle Alert: for the month of May, we will be doing a free raffle for a Mother's day basket! 
You can put your unit# on a little post-it and place it in the inside mailbox. I'll announce the winner on May 7th, 2021 here on this Blog! 

Thank you for reading this blog and have a great rest of your day! 
Joyce Preston- Office manager @GSSS